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We are using Agile Modeling and Extreme Programming internally to work on systems that we are developing on spec ourselves. The AM and EP models do not always generate 'clean' results, but they do generate almost instant working prototypes.
What experience has anyone else had with this approach?
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DPS have been using technology and toolsets to develop systems  that allow organizations to achieve their goals without becoming computer engineers. Our mission is to use the most sophisticated software, development tools and hardware so our clients do not have to think about computers - they can concentrate on their businesses. We employ methodologies that allow planners, investors, executives, and employees to contribute to the 'system' and to see their input with graphical, object oriented tools. The tools we employ use real world symbols to depict functions, decision points and data stores, creating a 'picture' that show the data and functional flow of the organization.  

These graphical flows can generate the systems required to run the business. If you can imagine the power of this link, you can see the ability to quickly create 'what-if' scenarios, create test systems, and see the results.

We use technologies when we are sure they works and will be around. Wireless has broadened the capabilities of early adaptors.  Bluetooth, 802.11X, and other wireless protocols connect users and computers to each other . A new way of doing business has opened up - companies are scrambling to take advantage of the wireless world where data can be sent and received to and from mobile phones, pagers, laptops, - even wristwatches.  

DPS have been a step ahead of the pack, and our clients have benefited from our knowledge and contacts. Our systems are revolutionary in what they do and how they do it and are 'future proof' and machine independent since they are built using high level abstract objects making them transportable to new platforms and/or operating systems when necessary, which, as we all know, will happen.

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